Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wittnauer 65 Revue

I came across a Wittnauer which is missing the crystal and the hour hand and became curious of how it would clean up so I dove into it and found the movement to be well made and a strong runner once cleaned and oiled. I am not certain of the production date but seeing the condition of it along with no noticeably visible serial markings, going go guess the movement is from the post Bulova buy out of Wittnauer.
The hour hand as it turns out wasn't missing per say but broken off at the base, leaving behind the circular part still attached to the center shaft/canon pinion. It was a minor pain to get the remainder of the hour hand off but a little coaxing and off it came. The dial was in fantastic shape and when I turned it around, saw a repetitive stamping that looked to be a name, and closer inspection revealed that I was right, it was stamped BEYELER & CIE. Beyeler is a dial maker out of Switzerland that was later bought by Rolex in 2000 but has been producing dials for various companies since 1880 and incorporated in 1960. Beyeler & Cie SA was founded by Albert-Favre Beyeler who is attributed with the development of machinery in 1908 for tracing and manufacturing of watch dials.
The case was made by another manufacture for Wittnauer, nothing particularly spectacular as far as the case goes;
The movement is now running strong and looking shiny, deciding what to do with this now.
The movement is really thin compared to 6497 derivative watches and looking at the 65 Revue, I see some resemblance to the plate lay out for a Hamilton 917 but shares no commonality otherwise.

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