Monday, April 16, 2012

Molnija 3602 wrist watch conversion Part 2

I just finished up with the Molnija 3602 conversion. I got another 3602 hunter style movement in today that I ordered for the dial and decided to use it to finish the build. During this process, I learned that there a nuances that differ between the open face and hunter style 3602. The second hand on the hunter style is a slightly larger diameter shaft than the open face and another nuance that I encountered that made me pause for a moment was that the hunter style movement had a push pin detent to release the stem where the open face style had the retention screw.

Balance wheel on the hunter case is copper where the open face is brass (maybe gold plated?),

and the jewel stamp is decidedly absent from the hunter movement.

The watch with the swapped factory dial and a brown leather strap in a stainless case, pretty snazzy.

Another watch ready for purchase, if interested; email me here.

Addendum 4/17/2012

I went and looked around at other hunter 3602 movements and did find those with screw retention and other discrepancies I found to be non-existent. The differences are perhaps manufacturing location or manufacturing period are my next hypothesis. Any Molnija experts out there reading this, I welcome your information.

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