Thursday, April 26, 2012

Salvation Watch Co. packaging

I was asked recently if the watches I make come in any kind of packaging and yes I do have packaging for them and in fact, it is as much the experience as is the watch. For my SWC production watches, I really wanted to capture an experience where the person opening it knows that it is handmade, the kind of craftsmanship from a bygone era. To capture that feeling, I pack everything in a wood box and use materials that would have been used in ye good ole days. When a client opens the package, there is a tactile feel, a smell, a definitive presence of something unique and fun. The package material are wood, hay, heavy stock paper, chalk, paint, and the that SWC watch. I start with the wood box and apply the chalkboard paint to the top of the box where I later write the SWC serial on the top with chalk and a piece of that chalk broken off and placed in the box. In the box is hay and brown Kraft type paper which will wrap around the watch to protect it during transport. Along with the rest of the contents, there is a SWC welcome card in there with your watch's information, instructions for manual winding, and finally embossed with the SWC embosser and the completed build entered into my ledger and yes, my ledger is pen and paper. Overall there should be a classic feel to opening the contents.

A recently completed Bulova build from and as promised, the pictures!

opening of the box


That is version one packaging, perhaps it will evolve as the builds do

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