Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Salvation Watch Co.

To begin, no I am not religious. I wanted to capture the idea that I produce recycled watches from old/antique and other wise collectible movements and Recycled Watch Co. just didn't quite sound right, so the synonym of Salvage works but Salvage Watch Co. sounds like I dig through crap to find watches......poop. I pour a dram of scotch and get to work on a watch and it dawned on me; Salvation Watch Co. has a good ring to it and my weird sense of humor finding glee in the play on words in the name.

SW0001 which was the Hamilton in an earlier blog has been sold and now the Molnija withe the factory hunter dial is SW0002.....super exciting time. Check out the SWC care card I created for my watches below,

Perhaps the Doxa is next...or maybe another 917? Possibly a Molnija 3601....so many movements, so little time.

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