Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bulova 16AC/6497 Pocket to Wrist Watch Conversion Part 1

I came across a Bulova 16AC movement which appears to be a Swiss ETA/Unitas 6497 licensed for Bulova. It is a nice looking gilt finished movement with date code of NO which dates it to 1970. The movement once serviced ticks strongly and is keeping time well. The dial is slightly domes and the movement has a bevel to match to the domed dial. Unlike a Gruen dial, the sunk sub-dial is attached to the dial and comes off as one piece.
Here you can see from the side view the radius of the dome of the dial;
Top of the movement with the beveled edge;
And the back of the movement with the clear resemblance to a 6497;
While servicing it, I caught a reflection of light from a flat spot on the dial side of the movement which I found weird and upon closer inspection, I found what I can only surmise that it is a name. What is unknown is if it is (assuming that it is a name) if it got there from the factory assembly or from a watch repair. I had to take a pic through two eye loupes stacked, one x10 and the other x15 and full magnification on an iPhone to get a clear image of the inscription;
As you can see in the picture above, it appears to be AyottE inscribed on the movement. I take apart the movement again in case it was written anywhere else and nothing. I began inspecting the dial to decide what to do with it for the build and when I flipped it around, I found the same inscription but larger this time;
With the movement working, it is time to dress it up with a dial next. If any reader knows if the movement is a 6497 or not and any idea on the inscription, please comment your thoughts.

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