Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Following up on my first watch build

The prototype that started it all for me, SWC0000, my very first watch build and the watch I have been wearing everyday since finishing it (http://iwanttomakeeverything.blogspot.com/2012/02/hamilton-917-wrist-watch-conversion.html) save the occasional rotation of my Certina DS or the PAM homage I build out of the Hamilton 870 (http://iwanttomakeeverything.blogspot.com/2012/05/hamilton-870-conversion-pam-homage.html); it has been my daily beater, a tool for me to tell time with and ticking away strong to this day.

I haven't been exactly careful with the watch either, I have had a few good dings against the glass and some wear and tear shows but to me, that's part of the process of a time piece that I age with. Yes sure I can take it apart and clean it, buff out the various dings and scratches on the glass but what fun is that? I want to see how long something I make lasts in normal conditions, not ideal operating conditions. The completion was February Fifteenth and a bit over three months of daily wear later, no worse for wear I have to say.

As for what I put my watch through, I work in IT and I have nailed the glass against server racks countless times and it has survived a fair beating and the staff and balance is still good on the movement. Another area of concern that I had was shooting; can the movement deal with recoil of a firearm well? So far my watch has not slowed down nor gained speed and I shoot a range of calibers as well as firearms, pistol between 9mm out to my very typical .45 ACP and for rifle caliber I typically shoot 5.56 NATO and as for shotgun I only own 12ga. Bicycling in the city caused no issues from the road vibration and bumps and the watch does great on the nights out drinking (and by drinking I mean getting irresponsible of a fine time piece after enough beers, bad me!).

I suddenly have a hankering to work on some of my tattoo machines. Oh, did I neglect to mention I formerly tattooed for a living?

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