Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ken's Burger Conundrum

There is a burger recipe that I have been slowly developing through trial and error and it is at a point where the burger comes out consistently super delicious so I thought that I would share here. My roommate TJC was helping with the BBQ last night and lent a helpful hand to the burgers as well as the name for when he asked what they are called, in my best Dr.Krieger voice pining over his human pig hybrid; 'oh burger conundrum', and that is how that name stuck.

Lets review the ingredients;

Aside from telling you that that was the closest piece of paper that I could find and you not believing me, lets move on. After the title and at the first lion, you see 6lbs of lean ground beef. Yes, 6lbs, you read that right. Next, the first sheep line, 4 medium eggs and the cup of cheese, self explanatory, at first monkey, you will need to mince those onions and fry them along with the 2 table spoons of minced garlic. It is key to cook the garlic and onion now so that it does not alter meat cooking time later. For some reason the most important ingredient was omitted from the list, you will need an entire package of bacon, oven cooked than minced. Once you have all of the ingredients ready, its time to knead all of this together. About the only order to maintain when mixing is add the whiskey second to last and the bacon last.

(hey....you're drooling)

The veggies in a little olive oil over heat

I am cooking after all...

Was this for the burger or me?

The ingredients

Bacon mince! (You're drooling again)

Now to go fire up the grill.


  1. Hmmm... I really, really need to make these.

    Also, Hi Ken. I need to ask your expertise on firearm-related things sometime in the nearish future.

    1. Let me know how the burgers turn out, and what questions do you have for me?

  2. Okay... Yeah these were amazing. It was like a food orgasm. Only modifications I made were to make less of the burgers, kept all of the ingredients proportionately the same.