Monday, March 19, 2012

omg i knows, i haven't written in a while

Life has caught up to me, between work and other projects......I remain busy. I continue to work on watches, right now I am experimenting with my own method for lume as I am not pleased with the idea of ordering a lume kit Switzerland and having the shipping cost as much as the lume, plus ship time.

I located a company that I have been working with to create a watch lume that is a bit out of the ordinary, stay tuned as I will be posting my experiments soon. The lume project began with an intersecting interest of where else I can apply it to: gun sights. Yes I know, one typically buys Tritium dot sights but I am looking to have the entire front site post glow one color with a contrasting dot color, or a black dot center (no glow). I have not had the chance to experiment with the lume on the sights yet as I am still working out mixing rations as well as application methods.

In the mean time, the prototype watch I built has been ticking away without issue and have restored additional Hamilton 917 movements which are ear marked for wrist watch conversions. As soon as i have the lume situation figured out, will be getting back to watch production. Oh, the other exciting news is a IWC caliber 57!


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