Monday, July 9, 2012

I decided to start running

I have been getting annoyed with myself in regards to not working out, I am tired of being the stereotypical IT guy...unfit. I have tried the elliptical and such but if I do not have a way to gauge progress than I don't feel as if I am getting the most out of an exercise and ultimately I lose motivation since I have no measurable progress. After researching a bit on the web, it seemed an unanimous opinion that running was the way to go as far as the most weight lost per exercise. Of the various running tips, the Couch-To-5k running plan appealed to me the most and on top of it meeting my measurable criteria there is even an apps for my iPhone that would be a virtual coach for the Couch-to-5k running plan since I am a novice to running, (in my fit days of once upon a time, it was jump rope. resistance training, and rock climbing) so I decided that any help that I can find would be a benefit.

The app that I downloaded was Get Running and I have to say that it is so far worth every penny of the $2.99 asking price. The app has a female voice with a British accent instructing you when to run, when to walk, and even takes into account a five minute warm up and cool down times as well. During the run, the app will say silly things like when you are at the half way mark of a run sequence which as you read here must sound stupid, but when you haven't run in ages and are just dying half way through, the little voice of encouragement is simply awesome as I found myself counting down the end of a run when the 'only ten seconds left' was announced and found myself being ecstatic when the nice lady in my head told me I was done for the day. Hurray me.

Before starting the running plan run I had to gather some gear starting with shoes. I am sure that there is a plethora of data available for which shoes are the best....I however am not at the point where I need some amazing shoes but just need a pair of running shoes since my usual skate shoes aren't great for running. I drop by the mall down the street from my office and decided to spend no more than $75 on a pair of running shoes. After browsing for a few minutes, the lack of available shoe sizes made the choice for me which turned out to be a pair of New Balance 580v2's which I must say have been pretty darn comfy on the first run.

The next item to purchase is an armband case for my iPhone which I bought at BestBuy (dear god, I feel dirty for buying it there) and it was because it was the cheapest at $20 compared to anywhere else since I could not bring myself to spend more than that on an armband case. While there, I picked up a pair of new headphones as I remembered that my last pair has only one ear working when I caught the cord on a server rack at the NOC. My last few pairs were $80 Sony headphones and I have been getting really annoyed at destroying expensive headphones (expensive being a relative statement, yes all you audiophiles; I know there are more expensive headphones out there but why? I'm running with them), the new pair I picked were a pair of Sony MDREX10LP in black and for $11.99 plus tax, these headphones stay in your ear while running and sound good for the price.

Let's not forget music! I felt like a teenager in the 80's making a mix tape as I peruse through my iTunes and create a new playlist for my running and here is my playlist to the curious (at least what I have thus far);

Morphine - I know you (part III)
Pantera - Cowboys from hell
Circles - Clouds are gathering
A Day To Remember - The downfall of us all
Everytime I Die - Apocalypse now and then
The Arusha Accord - Dead to me
Architects - Early grave
Volumes - Behind the curtain
Poison The Well - Exists underground
Gallows - Kill the rhythm
Defeater - The red, white, and blues
The Agonist - Thank you, Pain
As I Lay Dying - Through struggle
Periphery - Make total destroy
Affiance - Nostra Culpa
Volbeat - The mirror and the ripper
Give Up The Ghost - (We are)
The Ghost Inside - Provoke
The Ghost Inside - Unspoken
Kilgore - Steamroller
Lamb of God - Redneck
Mindless Self Indulgence - Bitches
Mindless Seld Indulgence - Bomb this track
Periphery - Icarus lives!
CKY - 96 quite bitter beings
Flyleaf - I'm so sick
HIM - Right here in my arms
Killswitch Engaged - Fixation on the darkness
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never wanted to dance
Spineshank - Asthmatic
Spineshank - The height of callousness
The Empire Shall Fall - Awaken
Candiria - Blood
Bury Your Dead - House of straw
The Black Dahlia Murder - Black Valor

Well, I made it through my first day of running and at the end, I was certainly feeling the effect of suddenly running after not having ever seriously tried running plus being out of shape (besides round).....needless to say I felt awesome yet like hell, perhaps hellsome? awehell? And now that I published this here, hopefully it will be additional encouragement to myself to keep going.

P.S. - Running music suggestion welcome.


  1. That playlist makes me happy...

    Not sure if they're your thing, but I like working out to Fear Factory. It's the machine gun drumming... it helps keep my energy up. Plus their new album is actually really, really good.

  2. As a side note - I actually just hit the gym again for the first time in almost 3 months last night and did a 30 minute walk/jog followed by some light time on a bike just to work out the tension in my legs a bit more... So high five!

  3. Yeah, gotta get some of my Fear Factory collection in there as well, good call. Also, awesome and on getting back to working out and high five back to you!